Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 4...

Day 4 begins.  No cheating thus far.  I took communion yesterday at church, however, I totally don't consider that cheating.
I miss tea.  Lovely, sweet, milky black tea.... but so far, that's about it for "missing."  Everything looks really good (walking through the food section of the Fremont Market was really interesting)...but somehow, the grace is there to keep going.
Still, I am getting a little bored.  Which is ridiculous.  Seriously.  But it shows me that I take food for granted, even when I think I don't.  This week I get to eat 7 foods (that I happen to like, by the way) prepared in different ways.  And it's a CHOICE.  I CHOOSE to simplify and cut back.  And I CHOSE foods that are, essentially, a balanced diet with all the nutrients I need.  I feel great- tech without caffiene is going just fine, I've busted through that "cussing" plateau at long last...all is well.   Because I have the luxury of choosing what I eat.

I can get raspberries ANY time I want to.  I may have to pay through the nose, but I can get them.  If I am willing to pay, I can eat anything I want to.  I have that kind of opportunity and option. I remember when friends of my parents came to visit from Russia, and they took them to a grocery store.  The Russians all started weeping because they had never seen so much food in one place.  And we get our knickers in a twist because we can't find the proper organic capers or whatever.  For real.  What is wrong with us?  I think it's okay to enjoy God's blessing and bounty.  Absolutely.  He is a God of more than enough.  Our problem is, we have no clue what "enough" actually that we can SHARE the bounty. That is the point of bounty, to share.  Now, please understand, I do not have clue how to go about this at all. I always have mixed feelings when homeless folks approach me. I am ALWAYS happy to share food or buy food, but it's hard for me to give money- even though, once I give it to them, it's their responsibility.  But I don't want to pay for smokes, I just don't.  I want to pray for food, and housing and NEEDS vs. addictions.  I trust the Holy Spirit on this one.  I just don't know what else to do- but I am determined to sort something out.

I mean, really, we are so spoiled...and fat, and unhealthy.  From a food perspective, I don't think I am shocking anyone when I say America is a hot mess.  Marty and I eat pretty well, as a whole, but even we have issues.  Marty needs to start watching his sodium, and lo and behold, it's freakin' everywhere!  In vast amounts!  In everything!  YIKES.  But we get to CHOOSE how we deal with that issue.  We have the means and opportunity to eat a healthy variety of food.

Some people on this planet live on beans and rice EVERYDAY.  Can you imagine?  I am speaking to you, folks out there who can't even handle a day of leftovers (I am sometimes guilty of this)  EVERY...BLESSED...DAY.  Rice, beans, rice, beans, rice, beans, rice, beans.  A LOT of people eat like that in the world.  Many don't even get that opportunity.  They live on nothing.  Children live on nothing.  It's pretty ponder that when you can't find your organic whatevers....
BE THANKFUL.  And share what you can, as often as you can.

Deep thoughts with Sarah.

Abba Father- help me to always be grateful and aware of the ways you bless me...they are abundant.

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