Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!

Okay...so I am a little late in posting...but cut me some slack- it's been a busy month or so....

I'm recovering nicely from my gall bladder surgery. But I had a bit of an infection around one of the wounds and am on round two of antibiotics which should end Friday- so I STILL can't eat just anything I want....grrr..... so I plan to have lots of chocolate and dairy on Friday just because I CAN. I am happy to report I enjoyed our friends' New Year's Day prime rib feast with NO REPERCUSSIONS!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! Pretty cool stuff. I have funny scars on my belly- but life goes on.

Work is...well, you guessed it...busy. So much for taking it easy. It's a little crazy for me since I have to keep reminding myself that I can't lift anything over 10-15 lbs. until the end of the month. I didn't realize how much heavy lifting I do in my job until now. I have to ask for help all the time- it's annoying. People are awesome in helping...but what a pain! Currently, we're working on Gee's Bend and it's going as well as can be expected...it dresses next Friday. Then we're on to Tuesdays with Morrie- which, to be honest, is actually finished pending fittings. I guess I'll spend the next couple of months doing a much needed purge and organize in stock. Whoo. The thrill. The glamour. THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE! Wow.

I'm trying to get some new art done for a show that I'm doing with Marty in February- and then I have a piece I need to get done that has been ordered. So that's all the news on the art front.

On the spiritual front- I'm feeling a bit more like my fiesty self as of late. I don't know what that means- except that I'll probably make people feel a smidge uncomfortable. I'm trying to get back in the habit of reading my Bible again- I was a bit "lapsed"- to say the least- last year. I find myself tired of "polite prayer." Not sure what to do about that- or where it will lead- or what the heck. I don't know where I seem to be going- but I'm glad I'm moving again. As I look back on my history in church....ponder the days of being congregational, presbyterian, non-denominational- here in the states and overseas....I have always seemed to challenge the status quo. This little revelation came to me last month. I always question- and ask- but why are we doing it this way when the Bible says this??? I think I have made my peace with this. I guess I am "the voice in the wilderness- calling all the white elephants out!" The only thing is, I really need to constantly do that "log check" and make sure there isn't a log in MY eye. Sigh. Why me? Lord, give me courage and balance and wisdom and discernment. Wow. That got deep there for a minute. Yikes.

What is black and white and black and white and black and white and black and white?

A penguin falling down the stairs!

Thank you! Y'all have been a great audience! Have a good night!