Thursday, May 17, 2007

Susan and Darin

Susan is one of my dearest friends from high school- she's the one I stay in the most contact with. She is also the one who probably has more blackmail material on me and vice versa than just about anyone on the planet. We got up to some crazy stuff in our younger years- we smuggled full meals into movies, went carousing...hugged strange boys, survived countless and sometimes very WRONG boyfriends- all sorts of stuff. Once she accidentally hit the median on our way back from the movies and actually knocked the car back into alignment! We have laughed much in our day. I still have many letters she wrote me. She is one of my favorite people on the planet- and I miss her like crazy.

She lives with her husband, Darin, in a small town in Iowa. I'm a little embarassed because I haven't met Darin yet, and they've been married over 10 years. Yikes. They have two little boys and live a life that seems content and uncomplicated and sometimes I think, I wish that were my life- but God seems to have called me to other things. But it's not all "roses and parsnips" as my husband likes to say, Susan has MS- and her attitude is amazing- I really admire her (I know she read our blogs to keep up with us-so, Susan- this is SO TRUE) She is one of my heroes. I still remember when she was an EMT and she flopped on my chair in my bedroom and announced she simply HAD to deliver my children because she had helped with a birth that day and it was such an amazing experience. She became a paramedic, she was an AWESOME paramedic and I know that she really, really loved it. She had to give it up because of the MS. She's been through a lot of hard stuff with her family's health We all know how that goes. One of her sons is autistic, one was premature- it's been a rollercoaster ride. And yet, she stays on a pretty even keel. She's very brave and very strong. Now, I don't see or talk to her on a daily basis- but she hasn't lost her sense of humor through all the stuff she's been through and she seems to just keep on truckin', no matter what.

This week I got an email from her- and the poop has really hit the fan. So for all of you praying folks out there, this is what's going on (I hope this is ok- Susan- but I feel like we need to get the troops praying) The following is from her email:

"OK--I've always wanted to be a heart breaker... but this is nuts!! First my dad with cardiac bypass, then my mom with the valve scare, and now Darin! I seem to be the only common denominator.
Darin has a bad aortic valve that needs to be replaced...soon. Like in the next few weeks. So--once again--please send positive thoughts and energy our way! We've always known Darin has a bad heart valve that would eventually need to be replaced, but no one (including the doctors) EVER thought it would happen this soon, and at the ripe old age of 37. Yes this is scary. Mostly because in the best case scenario-he'll be dead in five years IF he doesn't have the surgery. With the surgery he should do OK-we're not worried about that. (much) What adds to my worry is that after the surgery, no doctor in the state of Iowa will certify him as "Fit for Duty" as a police officer, even if he's 100% recovered. So his law enforcement career may well be pretty much over. Enough? No way--think about this. If he can't get a lateral transfer to somewhere in the city we'll lose our insurance. (Think MS, autism, early heart problems...) We'll be financially ruined. And I have to say--in the grand scheme that's pretty unimportant if he gets well and we all are together... Please keep us in your thoughts--I need that right now!!!"

Being a grown-up really sucks sometimes.

SO- all you praying types out there- my dear friend needs the peace of God that passes all understanding, she needs strength, she needs faith and to know that God is right there with them. Her kids need peace. Her husband needs peace and healing. They need favor and a lateral transfer so they don't lose their insurance. They need faith. They need provision through all this- and I know my God is faithful! He will take care of them, even through the hard times and trials. Please bombard heaven on their behalf. I know I am. I really do love you, Susan.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mickey and life update

Well, I just got off the phone with the vet. It's actually pretty good news. Mickey is still a very sick kitty and will be on medication for quite some time, but it's NOT cancer!! HUZZAH!!! I honestly, don't know if I could have handled it if it were. He has severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease- which isn't pretty at all- but it's the best of all the options we were given. So....he continues the meds he's on ($130 to hire the vet assistant to come give him meds while we're away-yikes!) and will add another for awhile that is technically a chemo drug-but it combats this disease as well and we'll have to change his diet to high protein game (venison, duck, etc.) but if all goes well- he won't be on meds the rest of his life (like he would have with the small cell lymphoma- and the other- well, we just won't go there will we?) And all of this will start when we get back- since he'd be on the meds he's on for a couple of weeks before starting everything else anyhoo-so it all works out. I want to cry. $2500 and 6 months later we FINALLY know what is going on. So prayer that it all "takes" would be great- but I still feel like a huge load is lifted. I haven't blogged much about Mickey- I've been too emotional- but you can check the process out on Marty's blog. This pain-in-the-tush, ornery, attention hogging mama's boy has been my baby for over 13 years- it's been a very stressful process.

I still feel pretty stressed. We've gotten a lot accomplished this week- tonight is first preview for Seven Keys to Baldpate- it looks good. I am pleased. It's A LOT of clothing. But it's a really fun show- perhaps my favorite this season. I've been trying to read scripts for next season (during tech? INSANITY) trying to get the shop tidy and ready for the next show to load in, get stuff ready for the trip (lists made, sitters hired, apt. manager notified, odds and ends purchased, the list goes on) and I've had early morning meetings everyday this week (tomorrow's is changed, I can come in at 10am!!!) lots of looonnnnnggg days. Which makes this tired, burned out soul want a vacation before her vacation. But I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, if I can only find time to pack....

Friday, May 11, 2007


...for first dress rehearsal to start in about an hour find out how dress rehearsal goes so I can plan the rest of my week get biopsy results for Mickey, to find out if it's cancer or something else that's causing his weight loss and then decide what to do make some potentially hard decisions
...for prayers to be answered for my friends who are facing serious health issues find time to prepare and pack for my trip find time to get the next show set up, 3 plays read and help decide a Christmas show, and attend 2-3 meetings all during a tech week, before we go on our trip see how fast or slow this week goes, and if I can actually get it/keep it together this week
...for God to prove Himself faithful, yet again
...for God to restore my soul (it desperately needs it, I feel as if I am in a perpetual state of "On the verge of losing it")
...for God to save my cat, my friend these past 15 years
...for God to heal my friends
...for God to help those friends that don't know Him to find Him through these hard times
...for God.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Going through the motions.....

That's what I feel like right now. I am just going through the motions. I am not sure what to do about this. How to break out, get excited, get motivated, whatever.

We're working on Seven Keys to Baldpate, which opens May 18th- the day before we leave on the cruise, actually. I like this show a lot. It's my favorite so far this year- it's a mystery farce with a lot of melodrama. Quite hilarious. I've set it in the 1950's- because I am sick of doing shows set in the 1920's-1940's- we do A LOT of those and I think the 50's period works great. I was laughing out loud imagining them in their costumes at the designer run the other night. So far, everything has been going quite well- thank you, Jesus! This makes me a bit nervous. And while I am far too persnickety and anal and picky to "phone it in," I still am not that excited about it. Perhaps I am just burned out. I am hoping that is all it is. There's so much to be done before we leave- Marty's got his artwalk show and we have church obligations and work obligations, I need to get the garden planted, etc. goes on kind of stuff. I feel like I just go from one set of chores to another. I'm tired of figuring out how and when everything is going to get done and making things happen. It all just seems like a never ending list of bills, chores, groceries, vet appointments and work. I feel like my joy has been stolen a bit. In addition to all the regular stuff, I need to be reading plays for next year's season- and I don't find any of them interesting to read- but they all need to be done. Just more stuff.

I think I really need a vacation.