Saturday, September 29, 2007

The show, the zoo, the trip to Iowa...

I am coming up for air!!! The Importance of Being Earnest opened to a full, laughing and apparently happy house last night. I went for the reception- to eat yummy food and receive accolades..."Yes, I designed the costumes. Yes, thank you. Thank you. We're just so happy they are finished. Yes, the actors look beautiful. No, that isn't a real bird on Lady Bracknell's hat. But thank you, yes, thank you." Can't say I minded the "love" after a quite gruelling build- and I tried to make sure the stitchers and dresser felt it too. They all worked their tushies off. And aside from a few well hidden "fitting" issues, it's a show I am truly proud of. And the hats are FANTASTIC, if I do say so myself, and I do. I had such a good time designing and making them. The last time I made a fabulous hat for Taproot, it got cut because it was TOO pretty. Ack.

So now, I am just trying to catch up with life, pay bills, take the cats to the vet, the husband to the doctor, clean the house, grocery shop, learn my music for the Christmas musical... that sort of thing. I have a few things at work to catch up on as well. Earnest was very all-consuming. On Wednesday, I am teaching a costume workshop to the Seattle Yacht Club drama club...seriously. But it'll help pay for the tickets to Iowa we just bought. We'll be going for Christmas and Marty will get to participate in the annual Bingo game marathon. It's kind of a hoot. I honestly can't remember the last time I went "home." 5 years? Of course, my parents have a spiffy new "retirement condo" so it really isn't "home." But I am hoping we'll make it up to Galena for a visit. And I KNOW we are going to see Susan and Darin- come hell or highwater. I need to see my friend!! There are others I hope I'll get to see as well- but it's the holidays- so it's always a nuthouse, isn't it? Now we'll need to figure out care for the boys. It's so complicated now- but we'll work it out.

Today I went to the zoo. Tomorrow our pass expires and Marty had to work today- so I went by myself. I had fun, took lots of bad pictures- my husband is definitely a better photographer. The jaguar was pacing very close to the glass- it's quite something to have your face a mere 10 inches from that of an agitated male jaguar- I think he was agitated because he couldn't get to all the toddlers otherwise known as "snacks" watching him. He was quite a handsome fellow. It was nice because it was cool so all the animals were active...except the sloth bear... which is unusual as they're usually quite busy and fun to watch. One sloth bear was sleeping with his tongue hanging out- pretty funny. One of the male gorillas seriously was posing for pictures- it was quite hilarious. I also saw the new tiger "cub"- yeah, right- 150 lb. "cub." He was playing with a ball- he's still just a really big kitten. All in all it was enjoyable- but it was amazing all the weird looks I got for being there alone- no husband, no kids. Whatever.

So that's all the exciting news. You'll have to check out Marty's blog for all the news on art shows and the dog modeling contest we emceed. I screwed up saying "Seamus"- I was VERY tired. I think "Booboo La Roo" was my favorite name though..... I am currently losing the battle with a cold that's been going around- can't say I'm surprised- living on Diet Coke and chocolate while working 15 hour days can't be good for your immune system. Well, that's all for now.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Confession time!

Confession time. Yikes.

I feel like I've had such a negative attitude about everything lately. Lately being the last few months. I can hardly stand to be around myself. It's like everytime I say something, it's something that tears someone or something down- and while at times it may be legitimate (you know what I mean) I just can't stand it anymore. It's like I just can't help myself. Negative. Negative. Negative. Gripe. Moan. Complain. Whine. Whine. Whine. I AM AT MY WITS END. I'd appreciate some prayer for this- I know I'M praying. But it's like, "Father forgive me, help me not to be negative and say negative things" and then BOOM! The next thing out of my mouth....

I don't know what the cause is- probably stress- vet bills, tight finances, work issues, lack of affirmation, been a tough year, etc. etc..... but I feel like I complain all the stinkin' time and I am SICK OF IT!!! Gosh. Holy Schmackers- enough is enough! Ah. There it is, out in the open. Muhahaha- take that devil! Now you're DOOMED. Stupid sin. Wish I wasn't so good at it. Father, forgive me. Friends, forgive me.