Monday, August 21, 2006

Touching base....

For the whole 2 people that read my blog... yes, I am still here. It is August and we in the Taproot Costume Shop are up to our eyeballs. This week we are still working on Arms and the Man (rehearsals start tonight) I have fittings for the new Road Company shows and the summer camps are doing the musical Jane Eyre. And that is just this week. But this too, shall pass. By December, I'll be sitting around eating bon-bons. Ha.

Over the weekend Marty and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary. It seems like no time and all the time in the world and I don't understand how that works. Marty made me a great video that made me can check it out on his blog- it's posted there. We ate a high priced steak dinner (excellent) and went book shopping. All in all, a very good night. I really appreciate my husband- he's a really great guy. He's going through some hard stuff spiritually right now, and I am plumb wore out praying for him until the wee hours for the past month or so, but he's worth it! I love him so very much. He's a trooper. His loyalty and faithfulness to anything (people, art, work) he puts his hand, heart and soul to never ceases to amaze me.

In other news, well, there really isn't any other news. I have lots of thoughts rolling about in my head spiritually. I finally finished "What's so Amazing about Grace?" by Philip Yancey- and it's a darn good read. The final chapters had some very interesting things to say about the church and politics- very thought provoking and truthful...and balanced. I had a bit of a "glimmer" of revelation of where and why "the church" has gone wonky. I started his book, "The Jesus I never knew" this morning and I am looking forward to another good tushy-kicker.

I've been very challenged as of late to really start taking care of people. I am not sure how this will manifest- but I want to look past myself and my own and start taking care of those who need help. I don't know what opportunities will present themselves, but I am watchful. I have been pondering "adopting" some AIDS orphans in Africa, $25 a month to keep someone alive and schooled doesn't seem like now, it's a matter of how many? I just don't know- but I feel very challenged to get down off my soapbox and start living as a christian should. I still have my "issues" with the church, but I am tired of thinking, analyzing and re-hashing all of it. I'd rather be the one who changes people's minds about Christ and christians than one who just gripes about the church all the time. I am sick of listening to myself. I just want to be the person Jesus died for- the person He wants me to be. I have no idea how to do that- I feel pretty far over my head- but I am going to try. And make mistakes. And try again. And try again. And trust that His mercies are new everyday- because I think I am going to need it even more than I already do now.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Insanity ensues...

Well, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't blogged in awhile- and it's because the August-November/December insanity at Camp Taproot is in full swing. It's amazing- but I bet I do about 70% of my job in this time frame. Currently, we're working on building costumes for Arms and the Man- set in 1870's Bulgaria. Let me tell you- ordering clothing from Bulgaria is not as easy as it sounds. Nope- not a bit. I must confess I am enjoying working with our guest designer, Carisa- she's one of the first people who befriended me when I moved to Seattle and we just have a grand time being girls together. It makes the process that much more enjoyable. We had a grand time shopping for fabric in Portland in spite of spending about 9 hours in the car during that day.

I am also getting 2 new Road Company shows together that need to be done by the first week of September- always exciting- the Road Company shows. Next year, we're hiring someone to do the Road Company so that I can devote myself to designing and building the Importance of Being Earnest. Big Fun. We are also extending the run of Smoke on The Mountain (check out Marty's blog for details) so that's usually got some work involved on a daily basis. Suffice it to say, I am certainly not bored. Smoke has been getting great audiences- who sing through most of Act II and great reviews. My personal favorite review comes from the Seattle Gay News- and I think it's brilliant that it comes from the Seattle Gay News- they actually reviewed the play instead of doing a plot summary (do those kind of reviews drive anyone else up a wall?)

As if that weren't enough to do, we start pre-production for Christmas next week. Yep. Christmas. At Taproot this year- we are doing "It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play" starring (yep- get ready for it) GRANT GOODEVE as George Bailey. Admit it, you watched him on Eight is Enough and Fantasy Island. We're all pretty excited about it. Usually, we can't afford him- don't know what changed about that- but he's in the Christmas show. Hard to believe I'll have the delight of taking his inseam measurement. Wahoo. Seriously though, I have worked with enough "names" to know they're just normal folk- some are very nice, and some aren't. I hear Grant falls in the former category. Now I am just 2 degrees separated from BIBLE MAN. Rock on!

We are also remounting The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge at TAG in Tacoma this year- should be fun- hopefully not too much work (we have mostly the same cast) and the extra paycheck at Christmas will be welcome. We also have 3 touring shows that need to be ready to go by the first week of December. If you see a quivering heap in the corner of Taproot's Costume shop around Thanksgiving, no worries, it's just me. Actually- I am sure it'll all be fine- just have to take it a day at a time and flow the best you can. Still, it's a lot of plates spinning and "real life" continues as well.

We're not sure what we're doing for the holidays- might go to Florida if we can swing it- time to start the "family holiday juggle" that accompanies marriage. Thankfully- we have very understanding parents- so hopefully, it'll all work out.
So that's about it for us-for me, if you don't hear me blog for awhile- now you know why, my husband is pretty good about blogging the highlights of our lives- so check him out. He's pretty darn funny too. We'll be married 6 months on the 19th- feels like forever and it feels like yesterday- still love him big bunches.