Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At long last, an update.

Yes. It is shameful the amount of time that has passed since I have last blogged. But I warned y'all that November and December would be INSANE and I spent what little free time I had during those months doing frivolous things such as...sleeping. But suffice it to say- we've all survived and for the most part, had a great time. Some of the highlights....

-It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play- opened to mostly great reviews. It's a warm and fuzzy show. Lessons learned:
# 1-Grant Goodeve is a great guy- but he has a seriously twisted sense of humor.
# 2-Although a fabric may be darn pretty and have pretty twinkly sequin snowflakes on it, if it's synthetic- it is also pretty darn prone to capturing body odor like nobody's business. Several trips to the drycleaner later- I have learned not to be seduced by sparkly snowflakes. My deepest apologies and condolences to Lisa- who had to wear the dress (she looked fantastic) and to Grant- who stood very close to her for much of the show.

-The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge- opened to good audiences and good reviews in Tacoma. Financially, TAG's proverbial bacon was saved- and the powers that be learned lessons in regards to- “Yes, Virginia, you really do need to have a full time person working in the costume shop so that guest designers do not have mental breakdowns.”
Lessons learned:
# 1- Problem children actors are still problem children actors a year later.
# 2- When it's blizzard conditions during tech and it's a 40 mile drive one way- it is always best to ride with a friend. (Thanks Scott and Pam!)
# 3- It's not as far as we think to a mental meltdown during the holidays. Thanks to God for grace and to Stephanie for saving my tush by doing all the last minute costume notes because I couldn't get to Tacoma.

-Four touring shows opened and were highly successful.
Lesson learned:
#1- Christmas touring shows are much easier than school touring. Merry Christmas to me.

-The Creche Collector- our play at church was awesome!
Lessons learned:
# 1- there really is nothing worse than a bad church play. Thank you, Lord, that this wasn't a bad church play. Thank you, Jeff, for holding the bar so high.
# 2- This is the second time I've been cast as a mean old lady....hmmmm....
# 3- I am very grateful for all the friends, memories, laughter and good times we've had.
# 4- I am also very thankful for all the people at church who are surprised that I played "Aunt Pookie" because I am "too pretty" in real life.
# 5- Playing mean old ladies is REALLY, REALLY fun.

Other lessons learned during the holidays:

#1- I have a great husband.
#2- Don't assume that when you see 7 of something in a store that you want to buy your great husband in November that it will be there when you go back in December- even if the same 7 items have been sitting on the shelf for the past year.
#3- Amazon is my friend. They always have the item, and can get it to you the week before Christmas- which makes aforementioned great husband happy.
#4- Not all fonts will willingly load to computers and print for a Christmas letter- plan accordingly.
#5- Buy Christmas wrapping and cards the year before. Less spendy.
#6- Cake and cookie mixes and canned frosting make people just as happy as making things from scratch. If it comes from an oven instead of a store, people think you are Martha Stewart.
#7- Seattle's monorail NEVER works.
#8- Enjoying downtown Christmas shopping in Seattle would be less stressful in early December instead of a few days before Christmas.
#9- Sometimes white elephant gifts are really a hoot. (see the Jesus/Mary clock on my husband's blog)
#10- Jesus is really the reason for the season.

Other things that have happened in the past couple of months:
#1- My parents moved from Illinois to Iowa. They are the "babies" in a senior citizen condo complex.
#2- The cats got sick. Max because, well, we don't know- but he's better and Mickey got sick for eating everything not nailed down that we were trying to get Max to eat. Little glutton.
#3- A visit to the Dead Sea Scrolls. It’s amazing how much the passages of these are so close to the ones in the Bible. Very cool stuff.
#4- A joyous Christmas spent with members of our new church family. Affectionately referred to as “The Festival of Gluttony.” A turkey dinner, snacks and a 5 course prime rib dinner were among the highlights.

….And a partridge in a pear tree……. So now I head into a more quiet couple of months. The first two shows of the season are small and easy. We are remounting one of last years touring shows- things won’t start getting crazy until March. Marty and I are hoping to go to Hawaii in February to visit his friend Karen and her family before they move this summer. It’ll be a nice way to celebrate birthdays and our first anniversary. This first year has FLOWN by- it’s still great being married! Well- that’s all for now- I wish you and yours a very blessed and happy New Year!