Saturday, June 30, 2007

La, la, la....

Well, this is just a friendly update. Things for Joseph are still a bit bonkers and I'll have to work every night this coming week (except for the 4th) and all nights next week as well. The joy of tech. Then I have a week (wow, really? A WHOLE week? Jump back Loretta) to put together the photo shoot for Earnest, and of course, we don't have anything in stock that I really like. So I'll be a busy little bee for awhile. After the photo shoot, I am hoping to take most of that week off to recover and rest before the build for Earnest begins and the Road Company starts. Golly- time sure flies in the summer. Things are going pretty well in the costume shop- we have some great interns and some great folks working there. All the "issues" we have had come from outside sources that we have no control over (Tuxedo shop, FedEx) and life goes on.

On the home front- not too much going on. Marty's art continues to gain momentum- and I pray that continues. I also pray that he can sell a couple of pieces to offset the cost of framing the stuff he needs to frame for upcoming shows. The initial investment for this stuff is spendy. I've put "redecorating" on hold because of new tires, vet bills and plane tickets to Iowa for Christmas. Sometimes it really sucks being a grown-up.

Today we have a big trip planned to go to Walmart!!! Oooh. The thrill, the glamour. The nicest Walmart we've found in the greater Seattle metroplex is about 40 minutes north in Everett. It's worth the trip- we don't shop there much- but there are some medicinal type things that Marty uses that are really cheap up there- so there you go. We'll also go to Michael's (I'm making christmas ornaments again this year and need supplies) and Barnes and Noble. We'll also hopefully have dinner with our friends, Joan and Marshall. A fun trip I think. In spite of Walmart.

This morning I spent some time in worship and prayer. It was really nice- I need to make it more of a priority. I just like hanging out with God. I did some praying for an upcoming arts-oriented service at our church. Our church is very "rational" in their approach to God- and we're (I'm?) hoping for some irrational breakthrough. I am hoping that service will help people experience the presence of God in a tangible way that they can trust and that they know is real- and they know that God is a God of emotion as well. I know emotions can be unstable and untrustworthy- but God created them -they were His idea and life would sure be dull without them. We had our arts meeting last night to discuss all this stuff. It's terribly deep. But I think we sounded like a bunch of rational people trying to sort out something that is not rational. Beauty is not rational. The blue of the sky, the beauty of leaves blowing in the breeze, the way a certain chord in music causes tears to well up in your eyes, the way a movie takes you out of yourself... these are things that we have trouble describing- how can we approach it rationally? In the words of Nike- I think we just need to JUST DO IT. Now what that means- well, who knows? God does. So I prayed He'd help us all and help Jeff, who is preaching, and that He would help the congregation- who are about to be stretched. It's amazing to me that God can prepare people beforehand to receive something in the future. To know that He is now softening hearts to receive and be touched and changed by something in the future that we are going to participate in- even when we don't know what that is- is an amazing thing. Well, my husband is home. I guess it's time for the fun to begin! Whoo hoo.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

How I am.

Someone asked me, "How are you?" today and I didn't know how to answer them. I guess I am ok. I have A LOT going on. Joseph is proving to be a challenging show on many levels, and yet, things seem to be going well... I guess. There have been some serious dramas with the tuxedos we're supposed to get for the band, we don't know who is playing who, do they need to change, do they have time to change and where will they change. I am not the designer- and I feel like I am a giant go-between for all these crazy working parts- which is what I am. I feel like I am having to be more "managerial" in my job- and I am still adjusting to that and am not sure how I feel about it. I miss making things and sometimes it really is faster and easier to do something yourself than it is to have to set it up for someone else to do. And I am having trouble finding time to start designing Earnest and be an artist- I am going to take a day tomorrow and just do it.

There is also a lot of internal goofiness happening at work. I see God's hand in all of it, but I can see how some people would not. There's a lot of internal strife, healing and people "stuff" going on. We are smack in the middle of the refiner's fire, and it's not pretty. It's ok. It really is. But it is not fun to go through. I find it astonishing how God is growing individuals and pushing them to places they aren't comfortable and he's working in so many people at the same time and it's all working towards His unified purpose for the company. It's really amazing. And I feel really blessed that I can see that- or I think I would be really discouraged. And I wonder- what is He working in me? I can't see or feel it- but I hope something is happening.

I am trying to learn not to be so busy. I don't really know how. But yet, I don't feel busy. But I do feel busy. I guess I feel busy, but I don't feel like I am seeing any fruit from all the busy- I guess that's how I feel. So- how am I? I am lost. I am busy. I am ok. I am watching God do His thing. I don't really know how I am.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Waiting for strike...

Yep. Seven Keys to Baldpate is mere minutes away from finally being over. The next couple hours will be filled with sorting laundry, restocking, spraying Lysol in shoes, doing laundry and cleaning dressing rooms. Ahhh....the glamour.

It's been a long day- we had fittings for Joseph earlier and later in the day, so I'll have been here since lunchtime. My work schedule will be quite wacky for awhile. Life goes on.

In other news, I desperately want to redecorate the house. Sadly, my finances do not support my vision. I am creative so I'll be able to change a few things- I finished curtains for the the living room this evening. More thrill, more glamour.

Mickey update- as of last week, he weighed almost 10 POUNDS!!! HUZZAH!!! He's responding to his medication and gaining weight. We've been letting he and Max out on the balcony when we're out there or I'm in the kitchen and can watch them. Max thinks it's fine, but Mickey looovvves it out there. He REALLY loves it if his mama comes and hangs out there with him- he's in hog heaven. Since I don't really know how long we'll have him (The vet figures about 2 years before he builds a resistance to drugs) I don't mind a bit. He turned 15 last week. Amazing. Well, the curtain call is over, the actors are running down the stairs...time to get to work.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Got the Blah's today....

Yep. A bad case of the blahs. We had another matinee today- and then it was a scramble to get the drycleaning in. The good news is we're doing lots of student matinees- the bad news is having so many matinees makes it hard to get the drycleaning done. Tonight is 1st rehearsal for Joseph and I'll finally see the costume sketches to see what lays before us. It's a big show, no way around that- but I don't think it'll be too bad- we have a good designer who knows what she's doing. The grind continues....
As I was driving back from the drycleaner, I just felt...blah. All the stress and busy-ness and too much going on that we dealt with before the trip seems to be falling back into place- and I really don't want it to. Suddenly- there are 3 things going on Sunday and Marty's working a billion hours and I will probably be working a billion hours and it all seems so endless. And I feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel and I have to wonder- why are we doing this? Is this what we're supposed to be doing? Is this what God is calling us to? We have a good life. We have enough money to pay our bills and buy food and have savings and a bit of frivolity as well. We have a lovely apartment and a stable place to work that is in my field (at least). Marty's art is taking off. We're slowly making friends- but it's hard. We live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth. All in all, we're blessed. But sometimes....I just want to move to the boonies and do nothing.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Back in the Saddle...

Alaska was amazing. The cruise was relaxing- sad to say- I didn't miss my life in Seattle at all. Although, by lunchtime on Friday- I was really tired of eating. The food was good, not awesome- but good. I think that's ok- if it was awesome and spectacular- I would probably have gained 10 pounds. As it was, I gained 2-3- which I have lost this week thanks to a nasty stomach bug.
Marty is doing a great job of blogging our adventures- so feel free to check his site out. I loved the scenery and wildlife in Alaska. It was so epic and gorgeous and beautiful. The food and the activities and entertainment on the cruise were not as fabu as we expected, but I have to say, the service was very good. Our cabin steward, our waiters, everyone you ran into was very, very nice and I thought great service is one thing Princess really has going for it. I had a really good time.

We enjoyed a few more days off when we got home. We went to movies and chilled out and caught up with life. A little vacation from the vacation.

We hit the ground running on Tuesday with a student matinee. Not much going on this week except playing catch-up with emails and laundry. My stomach bug hit me mid-day on Wednesday and I am still recovering. I was suddenly clammy and nauseous and when Marty cooked bacon at home, it was all over. No, not pregnant- just a bug. This is a good week to be sick though since...

We'll start the Joseph build on Monday. I have a few other projects I am trying to get done this week: invitations to a baby shower I am throwing for a couple of girls at work (done) finishing getting "the garden" planted (done) painting a table for outside, cleaning the house, updating my theatrical portfolio for a talk I am giving on Tuesday to the "Innis Arden Friends of the Arts," paying bills, cleaning, shopping, taking care of ill kitties (Mickey is on day 3 of his 1st round of chemo, so far, so good) and so on, and so on. So suffice it to say- we're busy once again. Although, I've been laying around for a couple of days recovering from this bug. I HATE stomach bugs. Nasty. Uncomfortable. Yuck. That's all for now- check out Marty's blog for photos and details.