Friday, November 12, 2010

Semi-annual update?

Wow. Totally sucking at the blogging thing lately. Really? Last post in July? You would think I don't think any more...well...there are days.....

I guess it's just quicker to send a shout-out on Facebook these days. Kind of a bummer actually. Although, I really love that this week I got in touch with people I went to elementary school with! WOW. So cool. Although, I wonder- when the heck did we all get so OLD? I think the best was a friend telling me that he remembered me smiling a lot, or as he said, "pretty much all the time." Since I remember myself being a bit of a crybaby- that was pretty nice! There are cool things about Facebook, although...SO not a fan of farms and mafias and whatever. Thank goodness you can block those applications.

So what is new? Not a lot. Work is work. We're in the crazy Christmas push when we put up 4 shows in 2 weeks- always a delight. We're in pretty good shape this year, thanks to the fact that we built part of the show last year before the fire. It was a little bumpy at first, since we lost the notes we made on all the garments, but we figured it out. We start dress rehearsals tomorrow-then it's 2 weeks of craziness and then life goes back to "normal."

Oh. And I got nominated for a Gregory Award for Outstanding Costume Design. I didn't win- but I was nominated by my peers- so that is indeed an honor. The ceremony was...interesting. I'm not a big "schmoozer" and now that I don't live somewhere that I am labeled an extrovert- my introvert has a tendency to show herself more- usually at these type of events. It made me start thinking that perhaps, if I can get it to work with my schedule, I think I would like to work at other theaters...we'll see how it goes. But it was an excuse to buy a posh frock and fancy schmancy shoes.... Grey lace and sequins on the dress- sparkly silver heels with bows! AWESOME.

On the spiritual front....hmmm....finding a lot more "rest" these days. I'm liking it. I think the most valuable lesson I learned this year was- while I may be valuable, I am not indispensable. Life goes on without me. SO freeing. I haven't mastered it yet- but things are better. As far as church goes- am exploring some options, opportunities...etc. etc. Just taking the next step- we'll see where it goes. Am still enjoying my ladies Bible study- very much. Can't help thinking that it's what God intended church to be all along- food, prayer, study, talking, talking, talking, talking. These ladies are so precious to me- my friends. I am interested to see where it all goes. Been having some of my freaky-deaky spiritual dreams- actually got an interpretation for one today. It's always amazing to me how God doesn't always give the big picture- but gives pieces to different people. I get the dreams and the end story, and my friends get the in-between, you would think God intended us to work together or something... But still- when I meet Jesus- I'm still gonna be all "DUDE. What is UP with the dream thing?" Okay. Maybe I won't say "DUDE"- but still...

So life is still life..the good, the bad, the ugly. Catch y'all in a few months.