Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Twas the week before Christmas...

...and it's a little crazy.

We got a call Friday morning from my surgeon requesting that we come in early. So we got up, showered, and off we went. It was a harrowing trip. I drove, since my husband is from Florida, and he freaks out a bit at crazy snowy roads... I talked with the lady at the surgeons and the main road to the hospital was closed so she told us to go up a different one, which wasn't actually an exit... We are not familiar with Capitol Hill, so we over shot where we should have got off and ended up south of downtown, driving through icky, icy streets back toward Capitol Hill. Miraculously, we made it...ON TIME. I couldn't believe it. My blood pressure was through the roof. So we checked in, I got the IV put in me. I HATE IV's, they freak me out like nobody's business. When I was twelve (the last time I had surgery) a doctor tried to put an IV in me- it took him NINE tries. It was a smidge traumatic to say the least. But I survived. I went into surgery around noon and was in for 3 hours. Marty got a little worried- they told us about an hour and a half to two hours- but apparently, I have "tough skin." Huh. And my gall bladder was positioned a little weird- but now...it's gone. It took me a bit to wake up- and I was pretty sick when I did (no gory details- but Marty was amazed) then they got me on my feet and kicked me out into the snow. One of the nurses gave us a less treacherous route home and the Florida boy did very well even though he was very nervous. We made it home- I was sick...again. And then settled in for a very uncomfortable night. The weekend was a lot of me lying around, feeling nauseous in a drug induced stupor. Poor Mickey couldn't understand why he couldn't lay on my tummy- I mean, I was RIGHT THERE. After a couple of calls to the nurses, they pulled me off the narcotics (I can't believe people take that stuff on PURPOSE, yikes) and as of yesterday- I think the anesthesia finally worked itself out of my system and now I feel a bit more normal. I might even try a baked yam...ooooh. See the excitement my life has been reduced to?

In addition to all that fun, we've had a major winter storm for Seattle. As of yesterday morning, there was about 10-11 inches on top of ice. Joy. Marty has made a couple of treks to the store and the library and out to take pictures. He is at work this morning- good thing- he was about climbing the walls yesterday. I, myself, am hoping we can get out of the house for the Christmas festivities we have planned or I will also be climbing the walls.

We are not sure when it happened, sometime between Saturday mid-day and Monday afternoon (when most of the snow was happening) someone tried to steal the jeep. Yep. Merry Christmas. Our parking space is in a well-lit spot on a main drag, but someone jimmied the lock and tried to boost it. They didn't succeed, but now we need to get it fixed. What a pain. Poor Marty- he has had to deal with ALL the crap this week. He's AWESOME. So that's all the news fit to print.

We're hoping to make it to the 5pm service tomorrow- although it's supposed to snow tonight- but I am off narcotics so...

We wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas full of the peace of God.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know, I know.....

....it's been almost a kabillion years since I last blogged. : )

Okay- a wee exaggeration, but it's been awhile. I've been way too busy. We got all three Christmas touring shows up and the mainstage and they all look lovely. I'm very tired, but I survived. The only fallout of it all is a TON of laundry and I'm feeling unmotivated to work- I'm sure it's due to burnout. Sadly, not working isn't an option. So I muddle along and do the best I can. I am currently designing Gee's Bend and Tuesdays with Morrie (at only 2 costumes, this is currently my FAVORITE show) I bought a new serger for the shop this week and will give it a test drive today. I have a lovely intern from Turkey, and the timing is great. She is helping me do the "December clean and purge." I plan to take the week of Christmas off, for the most part, so I am quite looking forward to that.

My health? Well, some of my "faithful readers" (har, har) probably already know I had a serious gall bladder attack that put me in urgent care the day before Thanksgiving. For the most part I feel pretty well. I watch what I eat, and when I don't, I pay the price. I ate a couple of Christmas cookies last night and feel a bit "eh" today as a result. I will meet with a surgeon for a follow-up appointment on Monday. Now that I know what a gall bladder attack is...I've been actually been having them on and off since 1999. So maybe it's time to get that pesky thing out. The downside is there is no good time for me to take off from work (other than the week of Christmas) but you know what? That's just too darn bad. The upside? No holiday weight gain. I've lost about 5-6 pounds and have cruised there for a week or two. Nice.

On the spiritual front....well, we did some art for the Christmas Taize services. I'm still a bit frustrated with church. But hopefully, there is a discussion with the "powers that be" that can work some of that out. It's been interesting. A few months back I was praying and I felt that God told me He was going to "position me" in a place that I wouldn't be comfortable, that I would meet resistance because it would go against tradition and I would feel not equipped, but I am. I was not thrilled at the prospect, but I know better than to argue. : ) I just told God that "YOU are gonna have to drive this bus." So I have been waiting.

I thought it would have to do with the prayer ministry, but it doesn't seem to be happening. In fact, I feel pretty disconnected with the prayer life of the church. I hear different things than the other intercessors and I pray a different way anyway. I don't know. I love the intercessors, and I think they are "hearing" and praying and are totally on track. I'm the one not tracking. And I just don't have much patience for "polite" prayer. I pray like I talk. And I like to make war with the devil- because I know I am on the winning side. So...all that to say- I think what God was telling me a few months ago had nothing to do with prayer. Some things have happenened in the past week or so that lead me to believe God is working on some stuff regarding "Leadership." (Cue dramatic music here) I feel like it surrounds me and is in my face at church and at work. What is good leadership? What does a good leader look like? How do they operate? I really think God has taught me A LOT this year about leadership. It's been interesting. I've read books, I've gone to seminars (at my old church, there were so many "leaders" I often wondered who was following) but this year....I don't know. I've learned a lot through experience and observation. Good and bad. I think the best book I've read on the subject is called "The Leadership Paradox" by a guy from YWAM. I think I might need to re-read it....again. It's all about the leadership of Jesus. It has some cheesy "example" stories of Jesus's ministry at the start of each chapter- but once you get past that- it's GOOD STUFF. So, I dont' know where all that will lead...if anywhere. But I am trying to be tuned in.

In other news- while we've missed the community of the Christmas Musical- I have not missed the time commitment and we are enjoying Christmas in Seattle. We've seen You Can't Take It With You at the Rep, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the 5th, The Lost Dogs in Concert (awesome) and The Black Nativity at the Intiman (if you haven't been, get your butt there! I am beginning to think I need to go to a black church.....) I feel a bit worn out- but I am happy to enjoy the season. We've seen the Christmas lights downtown and I think we have found the winner of our neighborhood's "Wacktastic Holiday Light Contest." It's on 81st, about 1/2 block west of Fremont, if you would like to see it. Trust me, you'll know which one it is.

So that's all the news fit to print. Next week is also packed pretty full. We'll see how it goes. I have no idea how or when the gall bladder thing will play out. I'll try and be a better blogger in the future and keep y'all posted.

May you enjoy rest and peace in the midst of the insanity of the season.