Friday, April 28, 2006

Still Moving....

Well, the great mighty move across the hall continues. I spent the morning scrubbing the bathroom and working on the kitchen. The tiny old lady who used to live there wasn't very tall, and everything she couldn't reach is very dirty. Actually, things in general are quite grimy and taking a bit more scrubbing than anticipated at first glance. Thankfully it's just the bathroom and kitchen that need a good scrubbing and the bathroom is done. This is the part of the move that I DON'T enjoy. I am a bit overwhelmed in trying to keep up with all the paperwork of the move, legistics of dealing with the manager, calling everyone to get addresses changed, trying to get help with the move and whatnot. The physical moving is not a big deal- but I find all that legistical musical chairs very stressful and frustrating, especially since it usually involves spending several hours on the phone. I think it's harder this time- since it's been a whopping 10 days since we decided we were moving so everything has been a bit accelerated. So today, I need to get all the utilities moved and changed over and get the kitchen finished so that we can move in. I am feeling quite overwhelmed today. But I am sure it will be better tomorrow.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

In Transition....

Well, if you read my husband's blog, you'll know we're in the middle of moving. Part of me really enjoys moving. I love "nesting" and fresh starts and making a big empty space seem like home. I do not, however, enjoy all the chaos that you live in during the transition. It's a totally different kind of move this time, I've never moved with another person before. Now it's all figuring it out and having to work with another person's opinion as well. It's quite an experience- but that's ok- it's a good experience.
Last night I was working on the linen closet. I feel terribly grown-up to have a linen closet. Somehow, over the years, I have accumulated many linens. I love antique printed table cloths from the 40's and 50's and have acquired more than I thought I had. It's nice for all these linens to finally have a home. We had a linen closet in the other apartment- but it served as the "studio" storage- so I had sheets, towels, tablecloths and various and sundry linens stuck in the oddest places. I am very happy they have a home now.
While I was working on the linen closet, Marty brought the cats over. The older one, Mickey- was THRILLED to have such a grand adventure. In fact, he meow-yelled at me when I took him home. And he hollered all night to go back. Booger. However, Max, the younger- doesn't change living spaces well. He gets freaked out. So there he sat, in the middle of the big empty living room- looking pitiful and crying until Daddy took him home. I hope he survives the transition well. Those poor cats are 14 and 13 years old and have lived in 4 states and moved about 5 times, once all the way across the country, they are troopers.
SO that's taking over our lives at the moment. Moving. It's exciting- but like all change- challenging. Why is it that even good change is hard? And sometimes it feels like it sneaks up on you and everything changes at once. I think we're in one of those times now. Our home is changing, our art is changing and our faith is changing and growing. I guess if it happens quickly- you just have a tendency to flow with it instead of analyzing and fighting it. Well, that's all for now. I hope to be a better blogger in the future.