Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wow. I haven't blogged since I was 39! HA! So, now....I am 40- have been for awhile. Don't really have much of an issue with it except that I feel like I should have more wisdom. Eh. Perhaps ignorance is bliss.
Does anyone read blogs anymore? Or do they take too much time in the day and age of tweets and status updates?

Huh. You know, I really did have to walk to school uphill in the snow both ways when I was a youngster....although...I did have shoes. I remember the days when you went to the library to do research in BOOKS and you had to type it up on one of those new-fangled word processors- of course, that was in the day when you wanted to talk to someone, you called their house and if they weren't called back later. Or if it was busy, you called back later. And cellphones were as big as a stereo. It's amazing how technology has advanced in 20 years- crazy. I think I have mixed feelings about that.

So what's up. Well....I have deep vein thrombosis in my leg- so I'm 2 months into anticoagulent therapy. That's delightful. I have to have frequent blood tests and be "consistent." Consistent in my lifestyle- which has been challenging since the only thing I am consistent at is being inconsistent. I did learn that anticoagulents and tech week don't get along well- my blood work went way wonky, but the good news is that it has stabilized and is in the target range now. I can't eat lots of green veggies or drink wine...or cut myself. Life sure is interesting. I'll have another ultrasound in the fall to see if it's gone and then....we'll see.

Work has returned to "normal" stress. Marty and I took a break back in March and went to Whidbey Island for some R&R- when I got back, I just felt like God was telling me that my perspective on my job didn't match His perspective on my job- and well, I needed to fix that. Thoughts that ran through my head at the time....becoming indispensible is rooted in pride... that His work should be able to continue whether I was involved or not and it was up to me to make sure that happened...that I am not my job, my job is not my identity.... there has been quite a bit of freedom in that arena. Theatre is all-consuming- that is the nature of it, but my outlook has and is changing...I look forward to seeing what happens. Right now, we are starting the fall touring company- this year pirates and superheroes- lots of fun.

I really enjoyed designing Man of La Mancha. I love the story. I love the period. As I was thinking about the performance I saw the other night this morning, I just had this profound revelation of how God looks at us. In the story, Don Quixote is convinced that the woman he loves (who is in reality, Aldonza, the whore) is the Lady Dulcinea- beautiful, pure and good. He sees nothing but the good. I think that's how God looks at us. How Jesus looks at us. At one point, Aldonza looks at him and says,"For once, please, look at me and see me how I really am." And he does- and he says,"You are my Lady Dulcinea." I think God knows how we really are- in our broken "reality" state- and He knows how we are in TRUTH- in our beautiful, pure state. Kind of amazing.
That's all nice and deep- but now, let's talk codpieces. I really wanted to keep them, make them subtle, but keep in the period clothing intact. However, once we saw the mock-up- totally obscene. Hilarious, but obscene- they had to be cut. However, the one we made is hanging on the bulletin board- so funny.

We took a trip to the Oregon Coast- of course, every time I go on vacation- I want to move where I've gone. But I really love the Oregon Coast- it stays cool. The Pacific Ocean is amazing and majestic and....loud. I love Haystack Rock- it was just so much fun to be on the beach and surrounded by the mountains. I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

The jury is still out on the whole subject of "church." I have really been enjoying the deep Bible study I've been doing with my "Bible Study Ladies" on the book of Daniel. I really want to read a Bible that is the scripture in chronological order. I think it's so fascinating. I really think it's amazing that pretty much all of the prophecy in the book of Daniel has already happened- down to dates! Crazy how specific it gets- just makes me want to go deeper and study some more. To me, that's church. I still really think "church" is supposed to be closer to what we consider small groups. Get together, eat, pray, study the word of God...share, love, Sigh. Less service, more relational. What to do...what to do.....

So that's all the news for now. Upcoming events include a possible trip to Iowa (Kansas and Colorado on the road trip home) and a trip to Arizona. I am looking forward to that. I've never seen the Grand Canyon- so I am pretty pumped to hang out with my beloved, stinkin' talented artist hubby and my folks there.

Good night y'all. See you in a couple of months.....