Friday, July 27, 2007

While the noodles are cooking...

I am making lasagna today for company tomorrow. It's not hard, but it's a bit spendy and time consuming- so it's definitely a treat. People loooooovvveee my lasagna. I don't know what I do different- but there you go.

I've had most of this week off and it's been lovely. I've spent much of my time off sitting on the balcony reading Harry Potter with Mickey in my lap. It's been awesome. As I've never read the books, I figured it's time I found out what all the hullabaloo is about. So I started book one on Sunday night. I'll start book four today. Marty gets frustrated that I can read so fast- but I love reading- and as a kid, that's pretty much what I did. Devoured books. I'm enjoying Harry so far. My goal is to read right through to the end.

This week I also did some shopping and have been working on a couple of designs for a television pilot. I have no idea what the pilot is- a friend asked me to do it. So I've spent some time hunting patterns and swatches and I'll scan and email the sketches today. I'm not building these costumes- so it takes a little more work and research so they can be handed off for someone else to build. But the money is good and we need it for plane tickets for Christmas.
We also emceed the Greenwood Seafair parade (see Marty's blog for details) again- and once again, the pirates were a bit boring. Sigh. And I was ready for them, had the super-soaker loaded and ready to go. Oh well. We also went to a reading of the Christmas Musical for church- it was quite delightful. Makes me wish I could sing. I loved the character I read. We'll see how auditions go. I'm thinking of singing "The wheels on the bus" since it is one of the few songs I am used to singing in public (well, that is, if you count my former kindergartners as "public") I don't know that I have the "stuff" to be able to pull it off. But what's a little public humiliation amongst loved ones? I also mailed my mom's birthday stuff off. Hard to believe she'll be 68- I don't feel old until I realize how old my folks are...and I certainly don't think of them as old. They cruise in their 40's in my brain.

So all in all, a much needed relaxing week. The noodles are cooked, I am off to layer some lasagna.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And the beat goes on...

Joseph is up and running!!! Huzzah. Every year, there is one booger of a show- and this was it! But it's up, it's running- and for the most part, I am through with it. Well...other than trying to rescue the Pharoah's cape which was accidentally placed on the fog machine...and got covered in greasy fog juice. Ew. It was very upsetting, the pharoah's cape was my baby and it took me many, many hours to hand paint it and there's no time or money to replace it. But thanks to some soaking in dish soap, the fog juice came out! Yay! Handy tip for any kind of food or grease stain- spot clean it with dish soap- that's what it's made for!!
So now...we're already into Earnest. The photo shoot is on Monday night, and then I am taking the rest of next week off to rest before the build really ramps up.

In other news, Max has been back to the vet...again. Nothing seems to be wrong- but he did get his bottom shaved and looks a bit like a baboon. Sigh. Welcome to Gordon's Nursing Home for Geriatric Kitties. Currently in residence are "Poodle Paw" who is doing well on his chemo, and "Monkey Butt" who has to be coaxed to eat, but seems to be doing better. The joys of old age and empty pockets.

I haven't waxed spiritual as of late....probably because I feel like I've just been trying to survive and get things done at work and at home. I have prayed and done a little reading- but there have been no great revelations as of late. I think I could do with one, are You listening, God? I've been enjoying Philip Yancey's Soul Survivor and reading about the people who inspired his faith. I really enjoyed reading about Martin Luther King Jr. It blows my mind to think that not so long ago, in our own country- racism was socially acceptable. It really grieves my heart. I know it still exists today-although it may have morphed a bit, but it's just horrible to think that people actually believe that other people, who are God's creation, have less value than they do. It's really a foreign concept to me. I am thankful for that. Although, I confess- there are deep cultural predjudices in me that I constantly have to fight and to be aware of to fight- and that makes me sad as well. Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing guy. I am hoping to read more of his own work. The chapter on G.K. Chesterton was very fun as well- he sounds like he was a hoot. I am hoping to read some of his work as well. So much reading, so little time. Perhaps that is what I'll do on my week off.

Right now I am reading The Golden Compass, because a) the trailer for the movie looks really cool and b) I am intrigued by what is going on with the book. My friend, Jeff, read it and made some interesting observations about how much the author really hates the church and is blatant about it. He said that people were all atwitter about Harry Potter when really, THIS is the set of books to watch out for. So I am intrigued- so far, I'm about 1/3 of the way through it- and haven't seen too much blatant hatred of the church- but it's a good story and very well told. We'll see how it goes. As for Harry Potter...well. I read fiction books about witchcraft when I was a child, I was interested enough to look a little deeper (gasp!) and discovered that witchcraft is spendy, stupid and a lot more work than just waving a wand around! So why bother? And then I tried New Age, a lot of which seemed just plain silly. I worked for a woman who thought she was a reincarnated mayan priest. Have you noticed that everyone who is reincarnated is someone important? There's no "In a past life, I was Joe the poop shoveler." Crazy. But, there's a lot of good counterfeit spirituality in New Age- the people who believe that are some of the most loving people I know. They are some of the most spiritual people I know- they all want to tap into something we all want and crave- something spiritual and supernatural. I think we're wired to desire that. I think that's what I wanted as a kid, I KNOW that's what I wanted as a kid. I wanted to see God. I wanted to talk with Him- for real. I wanted to know His power and supernaturalness. Thankfully, I believe that God wants to show us His supernatural. I really wish more of it would appear in my world now. I miss it. I know He is SUPERNATURAL- and that's one of the things I really love about God- I mean all Satan's crap is just that, counterfeit crap- so why bother when you can have the real deal?

Ok. So I guess that's waxing spiritual.

As for Harry Potter: haven't read the books, enjoyed the movies, wouldn't let small kids near him with a 10 foot pole (too scary and dark) and would let tweens and teens with a discussion. My two cents. Ta da.
Well, it's time for bed and I am looking forward to diving back into The Golden Compass. Good night.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow. It's been quite a week- we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the dress rehearsals of Joseph...and it's been a looonnnnnggg tunnel. But the costumes are lovely and all will be well in the world. I am ready to be done and ready for a break that won't come for another week or so...I am pooped. And my brain is pooped.

Speaking of poop- it's been a week. My cousin, Stephanie- who is my age, lost her left hand the night before last in a freak accident at her job at Chrysler. She is left-handed. I can't even imagine. My mom talked with her yesterday- and she is on some BIG juju drugs- she kept giggling and telling mom it would be ok. And it will be, but it will be hard. They reattached her hand but there is no telling when we'll know if she will regain use of it. She and her husband have 5 kids between them- the eldest is about 20- how crazy is that? She had him when we were 17. Wow. So for all y'all praying types- prayer for them would be appreciated.

Other poop- Max couldn't poop. Bless his heart- so there's an unexpected $100 trip to the vet for an enema and a shot to re-hydrate him. He's got some GREAT timing. Poor guy. This is the 3rd time he's been severly constipated, he just shuts down. But he's had some water and eaten today- so he seems to be doing ok. Tomorrow Mickey goes in for a blood test and Thursday will start round 3 of chemo. This is why I have no disposable income.

And just for grins, our closet collapsed this morning. I was outside watering the plants so they wouldn't wilt in the heat of the hot day and couldn't hear Marty yelling for help. It's just been one of those weeks. I am sure my blood pressure is up. Hopefully, things will wind down in a day or two and life will resume being normal. There is always one booger of a show every year- and Joseph seems to be it. But it opens on Friday and there you go. Hallelujah! Well, it's invited dress tonight- I'd better go double check that everyone looks purty.