Monday, February 15, 2010

Bloggety blog blog

It's interesting to me that here in the day and age of Facebook and Twitter, how even blogging seems to be going by the wayside. Huh.

So...anyhoo. We're back in the theatre again. Sort of. This week we'll hopefully be finishing the move back in. Things have been very amazing and very hard. I am plumb wore out. But life goes on. The costume shop is set up and the offices are in process and I am waiting on the trap room to be cleared to be able to move the costume stock back in. I got caught up on some of my "normal" job stuff today and am hopeful that we'll be back to the regular insanity soon. I am taking the next show "off" so I'll have plenty of time to design poufy, pretty dresses for Charley's Aunt. Men in victorian drag...instant comedyl

Winter in Seattle hasn't been. Nope. We haven't seen a snowflake here in the city and it's been warmer than usual. I'm still a little amazed that there are people who really think that the irresponsible way we as a society live has no impact on our environment. Blows my mind. But I am happy to see my little purple crocus showing off and am looking forward to daffodils and blooming trees here in the next couple of weeks.

I'm really impressed with my husband lately. He had a fabulous show down in Pioneer Square- hundreds of people wandered through (and we hear it was "slow") and he was the talk of the town. I really love his art. It's And funny- and well crafted. I confess there are times that I just want to keep a lot of it...but that's not reasonable. All the work at this particular show was new- 46 pieces. Impressive. He sold some (I think he undersells himself- but he's a big boy- he can make that call) and has had some more business as a result of the show. Now he's working hard on getting his Etsy shop up and going...and then we found out that his art is not only in the book "Masters Collage" coming out in June, it's on the cover as well! Yep. He rocks...that's all there is to it.

Got a lot on my mind spiritually as well. I am looking forward to things calming down in the building, my prayer "closet" (the costume shop) has been unavailable and I miss it. I'm still not sure how I feel about church- and am sad about that...but I can't be dishonest about how I feel. I am a part of a ladies Bible study now, but sometimes, even that feels "churchy"- what to do, what to do. How can one be true to Christ and to God and not be churchy? I don't know- I expect I'll spend the rest of my life trying to sort that one out.

So that's about it. Wish I had something more profound to say. But nope, got nothin'.