Wednesday, July 23, 2008

INCOMING!!! less than 24 hours, my parents will have descended upon us. At this moment, I am hoping they are relaxing in Spokane- and will arrive here in Seattle- early afternoonish tomorrow. The clean. We'll set up the air mattress tonight. The towels are out- interestingly enough, we have absolutely NO matching towels in the house. NONE. I thought I had a set of at least matching bath towels, but no... OY. So the mismatched guest towels are out- hey- they do the job! So the house is as ready as it will be. I had grand plans of great spring cleaning (I am telling you, company can be inspiring for around the house projects) But I am too dang tired! Marty helped and vacuumed and took out the recycling- but I just didn't have it in me for a big clean. So be it. There are more important things in life than a spotless's clean enough. Tomorrow I will pick up Mickey's meds, do a little last minute grocery shopping and then RELAX for a few precious hours before it's all parents, all the time. They will be here until Tuesday. No big plans yet...thrift stores (they love Value Village) and the show, and dinner with cousin Margaret, hopefully a cruise...we will see how it goes.

Mickey spent the day at the vet with his Katie. Katie is one of my favorite techs at the vet- she is super nice and way fun and when Mickey isn't being poked and prodded, he LOVES her. However, today was not that day. He had a blood test. Then he's all matted up. As my friend Heather says, "Old long haired kitties get lumpy." He's lumpy...and bony...and skinny...and currently a bit crabby. I gave him some "tuna juice" from the can- so when he wakes, he'll probably be happier. Katie couldn't get all the knots (those armpits are a booger) but she got a lot- next time, we'll go after the rest. He's just not that into grooming, and doesn't like to be brushed...which means we'll get lots of lectures from my mom about when they had him, how she brushed him every day etc. etc...he may have put up with it from her- but not from us. So he'll start his normal round of chemo tomorrow. Sadly, he's losing weight- and starting to fail- but he still seems active and happy and is eating, sleeping (when he's not stomping on my head at 4 am) and we just keep on keeping on.

Marty is at the vet...I mean, the doctor right now. He has a sinus infection- he's been gone awhile, so I am assuming that he has prescriptions to fill or more tests or whatever- he's been gone 2 hours. Good thing we're not emceeing the Greenwood Seafair Parade this year, it's already started and we would be LATE. I'm actually not sad to miss the parade...3 years was plenty. However "Huck" and "Jim" from Big River are the grand marshals- in full costume- so that's pretty neat.

And that's all the news for now. The black eye is now green and yellow and purple and absolutely GORGEOUS. I tell you, I feel FANTASTIC! NO ONE is prettier than I am right now!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Black eyed Sarahs

Well, Big River is up and running! HUZZAH! It's selling well and getting brilliant reviews and other than 2-6 loads of laundry per day and tons of repair work (the cast is MURDER on the clothes) I can...move on? Oy....

So I took a WHOLE DAY off- yep- last Monday- which we spent cleaning and purging closets. We took a Jeep load to Goodwill- preparing for the Jeep load of "stuff" coming from Iowa this week. My parents started driving from Iowa today..... yikes. They will be here on Thursday through next Tuesday. It will be nice to see them- I am actually looking forward to their visit.

So, of course, it's still insanely busy. It's summer! I've been working on little projects around the house (nothing like having company to help you get your crap together) and we've had a friend stay with us a couple of nights this week. She's in Big River and lives in Tacoma and is working at the summer camps at Taproot. It's too much $$ and lack of sleep to drive home after the performance, sleep and come right back. She will probably stay with us a couple of nights a week for the rest of the run, except for next week.

I've been working on a press shoot for the next mainstage show- that happens Tuesday... and I've been madly working on the Road Company- work will be crazy until Christmas this year.

I am getting excited to get going on Trunk-or-Treat at church... I need to get a team together and get going on that. It's going to eat a lot of time- but I am so looking forward to it. It'll be so much fun for the kids and their families. However, it will eat so much time that if we have a Christmas play at church this year- I will not be involved.

Marty had a show at the Bouncing Wall for the Queen Anne art walk on Thursday night. Lots of folks showed up- so that was fun. It seemed he sold a lot of prints- so that is AWESOME. He's a hit, my studly hubby.

And yesterday I threw a luncheon for the team of stitchers for Big River. They did a great job and deserved every bit of appreciation I could throw at them. After that, I went to dinner at a co-worker's home to meet a potential new production stage manager- it was fun. She was nice. Coming home, I was getting out of the car- and my friend said something to me- I turned back to answer her and smacked my head into the frame of her car- it's a very aerodynamic car and the frame is much lower than most vehicles I ride in. I totally smacked the crap out of my head, slamming my sunglasses into my face. It immediately swelled up- it hurt like heck and I could tell as I got ready for bed, I'd wake up with a shiner. Sure enough, it's a beaut. Once the swelling goes down, I think it'll look like REALLY DRAMATIC eye make-up. One strawberry marguerita and a little bit of poor depth perception combined with an aerodynamic car...ouch!
My head still hurts like heck. I don't think I gave myself a concussion- but I hit my head VERY hard. And my eye is VERY black.

I wear my sunglasses at night...and at the bank...and at the store...and to church.....

Today, I gave the car it's annual bath...a very good thing. I also did a few little odd chores and rested a bit. Tomorrow is church (Marty and his band are leading worship- yay!) and we're going to check out the last low, low tide of the year- more starfish. It's so very cool to go and look at them. Then the rest of this week will be filled with busy times at work and preparing at work and at home for the parental arrival.

That's all for now, it's more than enough.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

So it begins....

Dress rehearsals start tonight. We are in amazingly good shape. I confess to being a bit stunned by that. We have a page of notes and a buttload of logistics and lists to sort out today- but pretty much ALL the clothes are there....out of curiousity- I think I might count them... Seriously, A LOT of clothing. Thank all y'all who are praying- it's working- keep praying- we still have to get through dress....all those actors in tight spaces. Yikes. Thankfully, it's a humble crowd- it's amazing how a little humility goes a long way. No divas in this bunch.
So that will be my life for the next week and a'll be nice to have a day off tomorrow to recover from tonight.

Don't forget to check out my art at the Green Bean! It's up for the month of July!