Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What a week....

It's been quite a week.
We have the first black president-elect EVER. Wow. I am still convinced that if there was a lot more prayin' and a lot less complainin' in this country- things would look MUCH different. I've known since about Christmas that Obama would be president. Just one of those gut things. And while I don't agree on all of his policies, and I certainly do not think he can "save" our country- I am committed to praying for I would have been for McCain if he had won. Here's the thing- Obama is a MAN. Just a man. There is only one savior. I was telling a friend today that I am concerned with the idolatry surrounding Obama. He is a politician. That is what he does. He does it particularly well since he has convinced most people that he isn't a politician. I expect he will do some good things, and probably some bad things. Good decisions and bad decisions, he is, after all, only human. I pray he surrounds himself with people wiser than he to hold him accountable and give him advice. I pray that he listens. I pray that he prays. I suspect, with the state of our country being what it is- he will find himself on his knees quite often. I am intrigued to see how it all plays out. I pray for my deeply republican friends, near and far, that they can lay down their preconceived notions of what will happen, pray and trust that God is bigger than any government or person. Matthew 23: 9-11 has been in my heart these past few days- don't know what it is? Go look it up, it wouldn't hurt to pick up a Bible. : )

Work is insane. Christmas tech is a week and a half away. Fittings have not gone as well as I would like. We're behind, too much to do, too few to do it. By the grace of God.....

And most importantly...the loss of a child. How devastating. My dear, dear friends- Jen and Rick Hubbell lost their youngest child this week. Nathan was due to be born this week and was stillborn on Monday night. I do not know the details and understandably- the family isn't ready to talk yet, and I honor that. But I am in prayer without ceasing for them. My heart is broken, I can't imagine the pain. I sat and cried for a long time Monday night when I found out. How anyone could not value any kind of life....I just don't understand. If you are the praying kind- please pray for Jen, Rick and their children Bekah, Palmer and Carleigh. The ways of God are mysterious to say the least. His ways, not our ways, His thoughts- not our thoughts. I rest in that- knowing that no matter how hard I try- I really am incapable of understanding.

Today, I feel sad...and expectant...and tired...and's been a week. And heaven help me, it's only Wednesday.