Tuesday, March 21, 2006

And after a couple whiles.....

Yes, it's been a "couple whiles" since I have last blogged. "Couple whiles" is a phrase coined by one of my favorite little people in the world, Summer Ledford. She used to say "I'll go to bed in a couple whiles Miss Sarah Jane." She said that when she was 3. I think she's 9 now. Heavens, how time flies.
So, now Marty and I are married. And yes, I finally got the flowers sorted out. $120 at Costco for fabulous roses the morning before the wedding. It was nerve-wracking, but they were beautiful....for the rest of the details, I highly recommend checking out my husband's blog- he's done an awesome job documenting our adventures pre and post wedding. And he knows how to post photos, which I don't. Needless to say- it was a BLAST! We really had a great time- and I LOVE being married. I'll love it even more when we really adapt to sleeping in the same bed, my friend, Rebecca, tells me she heard it takes 3 months. One down, two to go.....Have mercy. He's a thrasher and I hog covers- quite a combo.
And now we settle in for the long haul...and go straight into tech rehearsals for Taproot's next show- Voice of the Prairie. It's not a big show- but it's proving to be quite technically challenging in the costume department. Today will be the third time I take apart and put back together the garment I affectionately call "the dress from hell." I think this time will indeed be the charm. But let me tell you- this will be the LAST time I get an authentic pattern from the 1920's- the darn thing had instructions in ancient Mayan or morse code. Egad. Other than that- it's been nesting and shopping. Which has been fun. Marty is happy that he finally got his ginormous TV back into the house. I feel a little like I live in a bachelor pad- since our living room really isn't big enough for the TV- but I do admit it's nice to watch movies on and when we get a bigger place- it'll be brilliant. Well, I will hopefully do more blogging later- so my husband won't give me a hard time- but now- it's back to the dress from hell. God Bless.