Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 1, the battle begins...

Well, I have been up for 5 hours and so far, so good.  Because, that is a HUGE accomplishment.  5 hours!  Wow.  Eesh.

Although- it's already been kind of interesting.

So- this week.  Food. 
I am eating only 7 foods for 7 days- to hopefully quiet my spirit, clear my mind, and if I am lucky- break out of this (cussing, bad words here) plateau I have hit with my weight loss.
The foods are:  chicken, eggs, whole grain bread, spinach, sweet potatoes, apples and avacados. I can use olive oil and salt and pepper and to drink?  Water. 
I was drawn to this particular mix of foods because it's pretty healthy and I like all the I figured- this will be easy!

Well, already- not so much.  For instance, when I was at Freddy's loading up on all my wholesome goodies yesterday- I just kept thinking how good all the OTHER food looked, I was particularly drawn to a $10 jar of pickles...seriously.  WEIRD.  And what the heck? TEN DOLLARS FOR PICKLES?????  Those pickles better freakin' fold laundry.  But I digress.   I did find it interesting- in the grand scheme of things- that by my very nature, the moment I "couldn't have" something, of course, I wanted it.  Which I think is pretty typical for all of us...why is that? 

Curse you temptation!  Adam and Eve, I blame you.  NooooOOOOooooo- harmony in the blissful perfection of creation wasn't good enough for y' now, I lust after a $10 jar of pickles...thanks a lot.

Then I realized, it's TECH.  A week of 14-15 hour days.
I chose to do this during tech week because it would have less of an impact on Marty, who only likes half of the list.  But then I realized, NO CAFFEINE...during tech.  What was I thinking???!!! NO CAFFEINE DURING TECH???!!!  I must be smoking crayolas!  But there you are....and here I am...with no caffeine during TECH.  This should be interesting.  Sorry if I get a little crankypants y'all. caffeine during tech.  Sigh.

But that is okay.  Another interesting observation,  over the course of the morning- as I prep for 1st dress this evening (with the help of my fabulous intern, Kelsey)  I am noticing that normally, I am a bit of a snik-snacker.  And while I do record those calories (I am working with, and have lost about 27-ish pounds since September) I do still snik-snack thoughout the day.  And I can't...I can't just grab a piece of popcorn or a Hershey's kiss...and it's everywhere because IT'S TECH.  Ah well, Bob's your uncle. So I sliced up an apple and snarfed that baby down.  Interestingly enough- even with all the food I will eat today- and in spite of the fact that I won't be doing Zumba, I'm still about 300 calories below my daily limit- all with very healthy food...huh.

So this 1.  Breakfast- a sandwich with egg, spinach and avacado (yum) - snack, apple.  So far, so good. 

OH.  The mountain of clothes on the couch, finally, on a wild hair- I purged all the clothes that are too big for me, and a third of my wardrobe is sitting on my living room couch waiting to be taken to a women's homeless shelter.  Embarrassingly enough, while no longer overflowing, my closet and dresser are still pretty full....and for your information, I gave away 3 of the 7 pair of sunglasses I mentioned yesterday, it would be 4, but I can't find the other pair....

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